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Ian is our resident farmer and my Dad! He is the eldest of 5 children and has never known any life outside the farming life. Growing up on a family mixed livestock farm in Northumberland near the Derwent Reservoir. He would muck in from a very early age and learnt so much from his Dad and Grandad, before going off to Agricultural College in Ayr, Scotland. At the age of twenty, he gained the tenancy of our family farm here in Knitsley, then was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to buy it in 1996.

There have been a lot of changes in farming during this time. We now have a flock of 350 breeding ewes and lots of lambs, a dozen hens and 2 cute and very daft sheepdogs.

During this time, he has seen his three daughters and Lorna’s two sons grow up and fly the nest to pursue their own dreams. Now it’s his turn to help teach us all that he knows about livestock so he can start taking life at a slower pace and enjoy all he has created. However, if you know a farmer, you’ll know he will always be on the farm, but hopefully with the odd holiday thrown in.