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Managers’ Lodge

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January 2022

Personally speaking, this is the most exciting part of Haystax so far, the foundations for the lodges (and our manager's lodge… eeekkk) have started to be made. Wow is all I can say about the amazing team we have had on-site doing this, it is an art and so fascinating to watch…(yes I was the annoying one getting in everyone’s way on-site, watching asking questions and taking endless pictures and videos along the way!!!)

I have never been so mesmerised by a group of men and their attention to detail whilst laying the concrete, these men had obviously done this a numerous times as they were all in sync, knew exactly what was happening and what needed doing next, and watching how they got the end result as such a perfectly smooth surface, I will never know! The Crafter in me is very jealous of that eye for detail.

March 2022

If that excitement wasn’t enough, it was the delivery date! Our family counted down the hours for this day to come. Not only because 4 people living in a touring caravan for 7 months on the top of a hill in Consett (later to move into the lambing shed… yes still in the caravan, don’t worry I didn’t make the kids sleep in the hay… they would have if I give them the chance), was challenging enough but to do this over winter, made us desperate for our house to arrive….and wow didn’t it just!
Look at how beautiful that is! Again, I was the annoying person running along the road stopping traffic as it was delivered, following it up the site and watching its every minute of offload and being sited. What a fine art, these men know their stuff! Now just the little fact of connecting all the services to it before we can officially move in!

Inside the managers' lodge…

Sneak Peek of the inside! Rob and I were so lucky to get to go to Wales where our Lodge was made and pick what we would like the interior to be. We were welcomed with open arms and had the best day picking everything out, anyone who knows me will know how hard that is, I can’t even decide what I want to eat for tea (as it's usually everything on offer and more!) But it was very simple…we went in with one goal, we wanted as much wood as possible. And wow didn’t they deliver, we can’t wait to get our furniture in there and move in…problem is I don’t want to unpack anything as I don’t want anything to distract from that view (past the building site!)

Posted by Dawn
on 02 Mar 2022

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