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New Ram to Produce Cute Lambs

New Rams To Produce Cute Lambs View larger image

Lambing session on the farm is one of the most exciting seasons! So much new life, affection, the miracle of birth and the cutest lambs possible… what more could you ask for!

And this year is even more exciting, as not only do we have our original flock of Romney’s who produce the gorgeous little white lambs with adorable faces (I never believed that all lambs and sheep could look different and have individual personalities… but take it from me, they definitely do!)

This year we have introduced 3 new tup (male sheep) to the fold… First, we have Blaze and Flash, 2 beautiful Zwartbles (sadly Flash passed after Tupping) but he and his brother Blaze have left an amazing legacy and the most beautiful black lambs have been born this year… they are adorable and a few of them have hints of the white blaze down their noses!

Then we have had the pleasure of hiring this beauty, Erik, the Swiss Valais Blacknose ram who we tupped with a small number of our Romney hogs (1-year-old female sheep). We were on tenterhooks waiting for these little gems to be born and wow it didn’t disappoint. The first to arrive was Erica… and safe to say the whole family fell in love… we had to give her daily hugs (much to her Mamma's dismay).

Currently, we have had 2 more… a little Erik and a little Eva as she arrived on our Eva’s 8th Birthday… it’s a tight competition as to who is cutest!

Posted by Dawn
on 04 Apr 2022


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